Friday, November 2, 2012

Update on Family Ties (Mac's Campaign)

The last time this group met in person, we found our way to Sigil (the City of Doors) via the Feywild. If you recall, we are on a quest to rescue my character's uncle from the depths of the Abyss. Our first task was to find a porter to help us find "the Rule of Three." Our friend Tyler actually came on to voice one of the porters and help us complete the skill challenge - he decided to play the 8-year old street urchin as a fall-down drunk, to hilarious effect. Our porter provided map of Sigil telling us where to find "the Rule of Three." We rested for the night and got the help from some locals to figure out the map, which sounds like something we should just be able to do - until you realize Sigil looks like this:

Yes, it is a torus with bulidings covering the entire interior surface.
It's like a dooughnut with a dense urban filling. Yum?

And now, posted without DM permission, is the next step in our adventure!

As you find the location marked by the stylized '3' on the scrap of paper, you learn that it's a tavern, the Styx Oarsman in the Lower Ward, a far dirtier and lower-class neighborhood than where you first appeared. Entering, before you can ask anyone about the rule you seek, you all notice a madman, a lizard-like githzerai like your old friend Ruurk (Rurrk? Whichever), sitting in a corner in the back. He's shuffling cards rapidly, his left ear sports earrings, one brass, one silver, one gold. His shirt is old and mended, but the colors are red, green, and yellow. He wears a boot on his right foot, a slipper on his left, and a high-heeled shoe sits just next to him. He seems oblivious to the world around him, rapidly shuffling his deck of cards, and over his head, carved into the wall of the tavern, is the same calligraphed "3" from your map.

As you approach, before you have a chance to speak, he starts chanting.

"Rule-of-three, why that's my name."

at this, he deals one card, face-up, revealing a picture of himself sitting in the corner.

"Three, the price to play the game."

he deals a second card, face-up, this one depicting three rings.

"Three the answer, all the same."

and he deals one final card, and this one shows a Tiefling, face contorted in agony, tentacles sprouting unnnaturally from his body. Two hand grip him, one about the neck, the other about the waist. Both are huge and monstrous, and they pull in different directions.

Without waiting for a reaction from you, he continues.

"The World, Above, and then Below.
Many secrets they all sew.
And I'm the only one to know.

"If thy kin thee'd once more see,
Then bring my trophies back to me.
That's how you play the Rule-of-Three."

On the last word, he taps the middle card with a long fingernail, and it dissolves. In its place, a gold ring appears, on its side, and start rolling towards the end of the table. Rule-of-Three goes back to shuffling his cards, and does not seem to notice that any of you are there. In a moment, the ring will fall off the table.

My character, Kismet the tiefling bard, instictively reaches out to catch the ring...

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