Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Back to the Black

So, my goal of posting daily throughout November was clearly a bit of a stretch. My new goal: one blog post per blog per week. Sounds easy enough... but we'll see!

In happier news, Mac and I were able to resurrect our defunct Serenity RPG group! It doesn't hurt that we now meet at a bar during happy hour, thanks to the benevolence of our friendly local bartender.

We are the crew of the Pheonix II, a mid-bulk transport vessel known as a Firefly. Our first mission was to travel to a large desert on the planet Capari. The sand of Capari's desert has value in and of itself for making telescopic lenses and the like. Additionally, the violent sandstorms have caused many a ship to perform "interesting" landings on its surface... and I mean "interesting" as in "oh god, oh god, we're all gonna DIE." In other words, the desert is literally filled with salvage opportunities - for those who have the equipment and the testicular fortitude for the job!
The crew did well - while Leland and Wire kept a look out for sandstorms and claim jumpers from on board Pheonix II, Rawhide piloted a hovercraft on the surface and Time Bomb operated the equipment to fish the treasure out of the sand. Captain Dao-ming (my character) helped by yelling at everyone (in her mind, inspiring them to greatness). For our troubles, we reclaimed some precious metals worth two units of cashy money, three boxes of high-quality sand, and a mysterious parcel that we haven't had a chance to investigate. The operation was interrupted by a sudden sandstorm, and the "away team" scrambled to get themselves and the cargo to the safety of a cave - and got a bit banged up for their troubles. Still, any mission you walk away from... We decided to celebrate our victory at a nearby saloon with several other slavage crews
Next time: the team liberates slaves and Dao-ming loses her cool.