Friday, June 1, 2012

My Gaming History

Back in 2008, my BFF Maggie decided that she wanted to start a D&D 4E game amongst our friends, most of whom had no experience with tabletop RPGs. My only experience had been dabbling in AD&D with my brother and his friends, back in high school. But somehow, I ended up running the game. We muddled along for a while, but I could tell that there was a lot I was missing.

So, I decided to play with a group of more experienced players to get a better feel for the game. I got together with a bunch of strangers who wanted to start a regular D&D 4E campaign. We connected through, and honestly I didn't know what to expect. Luckily, I met some really cool people - including Mac, who is now my best gamer friend (BGF?). Unluckily, that group has experienced a lot of DM and player attrition - currently, Mac and I trade off DM duties and Maggie is our only other regular.

On top of running these two games, I play D&D Encounters and the Serenity RPG, and am currently working on writing my next murder mystery party game. I'm not much of a console, computer, card, board, or social media gamer, but I have a few highly addictive favorites. And Mac is trying to convince me to try LARP for the first time at Otakon this year... In other words - so much gaming, so little time!

Don't be fooled by my relatable back story, however - I have an ulterior motive. Tabletop RPGs have historically been the domain of men/boys, but that is changing. More and more women are realizing that these are social, interactive, and above all fun games. I just wish I had known when I was a girl, so I could've started sooner. But! If I write this blog, maybe I can clue in some other little girl to the wonders of D&D, or Serenity, or some other RPG. At least, I can dream.

So, welcome to "La Femme DM." Enjoy!


Quote of the Week: "It's too late. You've awakened the Gazebo."

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