Friday, February 21, 2014

Email Skill Challenge II: A Night In The Caves

Here's my latest email skill challenge for the Blingdenstone adventure. Please see my previous post about how this works. If I get permission from my players, I'll post their responses in the comments!

Your battle-weary party has chosen to take an extended rest in the caverns surrounding Blingdenstone. Luckily you possess the Exodus Knife, which allows you to cut a doorway into your own little pocket dimension (no need for guard shifts). However, the hazards that lay behind and before you leave your party somewhat agitated. When this happened in the past you had Kismet's Song of Rest to lull you to sleep - but now the only sounds you can hear are the dripping of water off stalactites and the skittering of various cave-dwelling creatures. You feel as if the cold, damp air of the caverns has seeped into your bones, and whenever you are not actively using a light source your eyes struggle to adjust to the otherworldly darkness. This may turn out to be a restless night for you all...

Skill Challenge: Try to get a good night's sleep in hostile territory.

Suggested Primary Skills
Perception or Nature to use your surrounding to the best advantage
Thievery or Dungeoneering to make your campsite itself more comfortable
Endurance to tough it out

Suggested Secondary Skills (gives the next respondent +5)
Insight to figure out what might help you and your companions shake off this uneasy feeling
Heal to help one of your companions recover from some small injury
Religion or Diplomacy to lift your companion's spirits

Rules: Everyone should contribute one Primary skill check (the total with a bonus for storytelling will count towards completing the challenge). Everyone can also contribute one Secondary skill check to add to the next person's Primary skill check. If the last person adds a Secondary skill, I'll still add the +5 (as if it went with the first person's primary check).

Rewards by Total: 
99 or less - normal Extended Rest.
100 to 199 - normal Extended Rest AND everyone who participates gets 10 temporary hit points.
200 or more - normal Extended Rest AND everyone who participates gets 20 temporary hit points.

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