Thursday, August 23, 2012

Journey to Brilidien

The hardest part about playing D&D is often finding a time to play. Take six busy adults' schedules, subtract work hours and other commitments, account for travel time and that pesky need to sleep, and you end up with surprisingly few hours to work with. One solution is to do some of the noncombat roleplaying/skill challenges via email. In Mac's current (untitled) adventure, we are working on getting back to the Kingdom of Brilidien, where Kismet and Stumbleduck grew up. Kismet was separated from the party (while I was DM), and so he has to play catch-up. Below the cut is the prompt Mac originally sent. 

The letter was terse. Stumbleduck, a worried look on her face, handed it around to her companions. "Danger in Brilidien; come at once" was all it said, illegibly signed in a manner Stumbleduck recognized as her Master's hand. At her pleading, the crew conceded to help her aid the kingdom that took her in when she ran away from home; the kingdom she repaid by running away again. Now it needed her back, and she in turn begged the aid of her new surrogate family.

It was a month's journey north, and the crew set off from Wellspring at once, well-supplied by the grateful townsfolk (and the affluent family of the crazy, crazy dwarf they brought back and agreed to keep quiet about). They made good time, and also made quite the impression on those they met. In fact, a few days later, when a young Tiefling on his own journey from the mountains near Wellspring to Brilidien took the same main thoroughfare, a letter from his mother deep in his backpack, he heard about the group, and knew of only one young Gnome who flew off each morning astride a massive dragonfly. And he thought to himself, surely a sole traveler would cover more ground in a day than a larger group, especially if he knows he has friends to catch up to...

Next up, the PCs respond!

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